Brewery saved!

Well its been a while since my last post, sorry guys. So whilst i’ve been away I’ve been pretty busy discovering new beers and new tastes. Theres a lot to talk about including a tour of the Meantime Brewery in Greenwich but first I feel I need to keep things local. As you’ll know from my last post O’Hanlons Brewery have gone through some change and are now defunct. But fear not they have been reborn under the Hanlons name. A local chap, who was a longtime fan of the brewery, heard of their trouble and stumped up to save them. Now brewing at a new site just outside Exeter, Hanlons have continued with what O’Hanlons started. All the favourites remain and The Hammer has a new lease of life. It’s fantastic that the beers brewed can continue in their life and have not been allowed to be a thing of the past. I wish the new owners well and hopefully they can keep the locals happy with some familiar beer. Continue reading