Salon International. What? Where’s my beer!!!!! You assured me I could have a beer!

Now this is going back a bit, but after an interesting day at Salon International with the wife, (This was somewhere where I forgot my fishing rod for all the trouts that were there. But on the plus side, there was a lot of leather. Now I’m quite partial to a bit of leather, but I’ll let your imagination do the rest. After that bit of excitement, I was wandering around feeling somewhat inadequate. I need a beard, a proper beard. All I can muster is some sort of cress type formation clinging to my cheeks) we made our way back into The Smoke and headed for THE best place to eat in Covent Garden.

The Goodlife Diner, on the corner of two roads, I forget both names, kind of irrelevant, you’ll find it if you want. Now the food here is amazing, proper comfort food where you can just settle down and enjoy some real dirty, gooey, proper chill out and relax, cheese dripping burgers. Their beer menu is almost, no, more intriguing than the food. With a cracking choice of US IPA’s amongst others, I know I’m in for a good night.


The wife, being the snob she is, commenced with a whisky sour, but I, on the other hand had to set things in motion with a nice US pale. Now you know you’re going to be in for a treat when the tulip glass you requested arrives on the table juxtaposed with the beer.


First up was the Longhammer IPA, quite different to what I was expecting. Slightly lageresque to smell, almost malty. But this shouldn’t be viewed as a negative so don’t be put off.  The malty smell fades quickly on tasting and you are nourished by a really fruity, lychees taste that combines with the mildest hint of liquorice. Quite odd but very satisfying at the same time, although I may have had something on my palette that was interfering here.


This was followed by the Brooklyn East IPA, now I’ve sampled this in bottle form from the supermarket, but somehow sat here in The Diner, this has transformed into something quite special. It’s smooth fruity notes turn out to be quite bitter but it always keeps you wanting more. The minuscule bottle it’s presented in should really be far, far bigger. You really need to sit, eat, and hope this beer never ends. If the burgers and fries, covered with gooey cheese haven’t filled you up by now, finish them all off with the Brooklyn East IPA.

And the observant amongst you will have noticed the Rogue Dead Guy and are probably asking why no write up?  Well, I can’t tell you everything can I?  Go and find out for yourself!


And just when I thought the fun was over, we arrived at Paddington to catch the train home and, right in front of me on the station concourse was The Beer House! Absolute winner, quick check of the watch, yes time for another. I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw on the bar Brewdog 5AM Saint and Meantime’s Fools Gold.


Now, I love The Saint but Fools Gold was a new one to me, so the order was placed. This was presented with a nice straw colour and light maltish smell, I couldn’t wait to dive in and taste the pyrites. Sat here, in the middle of such a busy city, and in Paddington Station, this beer just completed the day. So refreshingly light but packed full of crisp, hoppy flavour. This has really finished the day off nicely.  Now just two and a half hours on the train home.

London, done.