Double IPA? Pardon, you mean IPA but more IPA?

It’s a Tuesday night, the weather is appalling, so what better way to spend the evening than in the local Wetherspoons. Whenever I enter any pub, I do this walk up and down the bar to inspect their offerings. The Spoons are usually very good by having a nice selection of beer. Tonight I wasn’t disappointed either. My usual walk was halted by Stone Double IPA. Brewed by Adnams, Southwold. I’m a sucker for a good IPA, so no taster, straight in for a big one. Nice golden colour, really fine head and smooth appearance. This beer is set to impress as it settles nicely with a good on bar presence. It survived the trip to the seat where I could settle down and we could make ourselves familiar. First taste, sweet, not dry at all. Very similar to St Austells Big Job, VERY hoppy, lush. I’m becoming a big hop fan. It’s a flavour that’s hard to describe, so fresh and clean. But unmistakably, hops, or so I’m told? I think I’m turning into a hop addict. That flavour is so addictive, so morish, so clean, so refreshing…. Shall I continue? The double IPA, hmmm. At 8.5% it’s a belter. You’re probably going to be put off by this, but don’t be. Bear with it and the beer will satisfy. It doesn’t want a fight or want to maul your gullet, but instead it will hug you with an internal kind of warming. It’s svelte, and it wallows its way down and keeps you asking for more. Do I dare mention the Angus steak that partnered the beer? Lets just say, I went up for seconds of the beer….